Are You Sure You Want to Book the Top Wedding Singers?

Hiring a singer for your wedding can often be a daunting experience. You are planning a once in a lifetime celebration and by definition this means you will not have any previous experience of the things you need to consider when booking a wedding singer or live band. On the other hand the quality of the entertainment (and sometimes the lack of it!) is probably the one thing that your guests will remember more than any other aspect of the day. From the bride and groom’s perspective, of course, things like the dress, the cake and the cars are important in making them feel special, but how much bearing will these sorts of things have on whether or not their guests have a good time? The entertainment provided, however, is surely the biggest factor which will determine their guests’ level of enjoyment of the day. “Getting it right” is therefore vitally important – possibly as if not more important than any other aspect of your wedding day – not to mention much more difficult to achieve than most people imagine.

Since you’ll be spending money for entertainment, you have to be extra careful in choosing a singer. Here are pitfalls to watch out for when hiring a one:

His website doesn’t say anything about him.

If his website doesn’t have any demos, photos, and contact info, then that means he’s not that serious about his job. A top wedding singer who wants to book jobs will make sure he sells his service in the most effective way possible. His website doesn’t have to be over the top creative, but good enough to attract you to hire him.

He has an ‘attitude’.

Observe how he responds to your email or how he answers the phone. Does he sound excited to work with you? Is he polite? The answers to these questions determine if he is the right candidate. Hire a singer not just for his talents, but also for his work attitude.

He doesn’t represent himself well.

If he came to your meeting looking unprepared and sloppy, then you need to start contacting other people. A wedding singer who is serious with his job should know how to present himself to his clients. He should have that look that says “Hire me”. You’ll see it in the way he dresses, the way he talks to you, and the way he carries himself. It’s also important that he is people-oriented, so you’ll know he can provide enjoyment to your guests.

He’s not open to your suggestions.

Sure, it’s okay if the wedding singer makes song suggestions. But that doesn’t mean he should create the play list, unless you asked for it. If he keeps on insisting that you do things his way, then he’s not worth your time and money.

He’s late for your meeting and doesn’t respond to your messages quickly.

Being on time shows how professional the wedding singer is. It’s also an indication that he respects your time and wants to get your approval. You wouldn’t want him to spoil your wedding for being late. He should provide entertainment and not cause any inconvenience. Also, he needs to show enthusiasm when it comes to communicating with clients. He should reply to your email as soon as he can. This shows that he is serious with booking jobs.