Sleeping on Your Stomach – The Good & The Bad

Sleeping on Your Stomach - The Good & The Bad

Although most doctors and physicians don’t recommend it to sleep on your stomach there are some benefits to it, and there are some ways to make it less bad than it sounds so in this we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach. Simply because some people swear by it and can’t fall asleep in any other way. Personally, I’m a side sleeper, like most I suppose, but everyone is different.

Let’s start with the benefits

We can keep it real short here wasn’t it for the fact that I can ramble on any subject for ages so that it still looks like we covered it in great detail. The largest benefit is not so much for you but more for your partner because guess what? Sleeping on your stomach is the most effective way to deal with snoring, almost making it go away completely. I bet you didn’t know that. Another less known fact is that sleeping on your stomach reduces wrinkles, not a very important fact but good to know nonetheless, don’t take this as an encouragement though.

Because there are so few benefits to sleeping in this position it could help your spine but only in one way, by using a special pillow that you put under your belly, maybe that kills the whole idea of pleasant sleeping, I don’t know, but otherwise, you only worsen your problems. Lucky for you Free Your Spine has reviewed a number of pillows that are best suitable for people like you.

How about the disadvantages

Oh boy, we got plenty of those to fill our article, and the most important thing is that it puts a strain on your spine. The reason being that your stomach is probably full by the end of the day, or because you are overweight there is a lot of weight concentrated in and around your stomach, resulting in a lot of pressure on your back.

Against popular belief and use it’s also recommended not to sleep on one side, if you are a side sleeper it’s best to switch it, one day on one side, the other day on the other but how long does that work for most people, not very long I guess as once you’re used to something is hard to break habits.

The same can be said for sleeping on your stomach because you will tilt your head to either the left or the right, putting even more pressure on the muscles in your neck resulting in long-lasting neck pain so if there is one take away from this article. DON’T sleep on your stomach OR get a supportive pillow. No more excuses!