Recipe Substitutions to Improve Your Health

By making a few changes to the way you cook your meals, you can reduce the calorie intake. This is vital if you plan to lose some weight, as it has been emphasized in various publications regarding the importance of diet in losing weight.

Let us look at a few simple substitutions in your recipes that can help you reduce the intake of bad fats and improve the intake of healthy foods.

Rinse Your Beef with Hot Water

Hot water burns fats, and rinsing your ground beef with hot water helps decrease the fats by up to 50 percent. The good thing is that this doesn’t affect the flavor in the beef. Add the spices and vegetables only after you rinse the meat.

Bake More

You will lose more weight if you decide to bake more than you fry the foods. Frying foods adds a lot of calories that you ingest and that make it hard for you to lose the weight.

Use Egg whites

You can substitute two egg whites instead of whole eggs. This can work in most of the recipes that require eggs.

Remove the Skin and Fat

Whenever you prepare your chicken or any other kind of meat, make sure you remove the skin and fat before you cook it. This leaves you all the best tasting portions and also helps you avoid any unwanted calories as well as unhealthy fats.

Reduce the Oil

If you prepare all your meals from recipes, add only half the amount of oil that has been listed in your recipe. Do this even for those unsaturated fats that have been recommended for you, because these fats also pack in some calories that can make it hard for you to lose weight.

Use Skim Milk Instead of Cream

Instead of using cream, opt for skim milk to help trim fats and calories from your diet. You might also be surprised to hear that taking buttermilk is better because it comes in low-fat versions on the market. If you are shopping for dairy products, make sure you stock up on low-fat products as opposed to whole-fat versions. You can find more information on these options to make sure you get the best results.

The Conclusion

It takes more than a few changes in the diet to help you lose the excess weight. With more weight come a lot of health issues that become costly later on. Make sure you change a few things to make sure you lose weight faster.