Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

The market is full of wedding photographers. However, not all can deliver what they promise. So, before you hire one, make sure he or she offers what you’re looking for. What follows is a rundown of critical questions to ask a potential photographer.

Will You Be the One Shooting at the Wedding?

Sure, this doesn’t sound like the cleverest of queries, but it makes perfect sense. The last thing that you want to do is to deal with a go-between, especially when planning for your big day. You want the assurance that you’re dealing with the right person and not a supplier. That way, you can know who to blame in case anything goes wrong.

Will You Make it to the Venue?

Say you’re getting married in Asheville, for instance. You want to be sure that the cameraman you’re about to hire can indeed make it to the venue of the ceremony. Establish the photographer’s area of operation and the distance from where your event will take place. Avoid anyone who has to travel for miles to make it to the venue. You’re a better off with a photographer who is a phone call away.

What is Your Style?

Every photographer has his or her style, and it has to match what you want. For example, it isn’t practical to hire a person who specializes in highly posed pictures if you’re in for a natural, unrehearsed style and vice versa. Be sure to check the photographer’s website to see if he or she offers what you want even before making a call.

How Long Have You Been in Industry?

There is nothing wrong with hiring an amateur photographer. However, if you want stellar results, consider working with someone who has enough experience. Ask for a portfolio to see what the individual can do. Keep in mind that you’re spending your money and you must look for someone who can offer value for it.

How Many Cameras Will you Carry for the Day?

You have to gauge the photographer’s preparedness for the day. Ask the number of cameras the person intends to carry for the ceremony. While one camera may be enough, you need someone who will come with some backup. Any serious photographer should have two or three cameras in case one breakdown.

In conclusion, don’t compromise when it comes to looking for a camera operator who will get the job done on your big day. Consider interviewing at least three photographers.