Keratin hair treatment application procedure

The invention of Keratin was one of the most significant discoveries in the hair salon industry, and today it remains just as popular, making the hair look smooth and lovely. I am going to share the whole procedure so you can follow it step by step.

The first step will be buying the actual Keratin treatment. As it has been in the industry for almost a whole century, you should expect that there are just too many different brands that produce keratin. If you search on your local market or internet, I guess you’ll find at least one hundred different brands. As most of them are certified for their ingredients, I wouldn’t advise chasing the brands much. Any cheaper bottle with more content would do just fine!

Before you apply the Keratin, you will need to wash the damn hair nicely! How to wash the hair? Take some mild shampoo, no two in one, just a simple shampoo will do fine. Then you will need to apply it twice, put some water, rinse and repeat. Make sure not to apply any conditioner, or the treatment will not work! When done with washing, wipe it out with a towel. It should still remain a little bit wet but not super wet.

Now it’s time to apply the actual treatment. For this you will need a special kind of brush, which is called Keratin brush. You could buy them as cheap as two bucks and they really look cute, with a pointed tip and a fat bottom. It is also made quite dense in order to apply as many treatment as possible with a single stroke. Do not delay, quickly apply it from the scalp towards the ends and then remove the excess.

Time to set an alarm. You will need to wait at least 20 minutes but the actual time may vary, depending to the manufacturer. Make sure you read the instruction given with your product. If you cannot find the instructions it would be fine to take some extra measure and just google it.

Once you have managed to wait as much as 20 minutes, you will need to use the blow drier. This is quite simple, just blow-dry it like you would after a typical hair wash. As the hair actually has some compound, the drying process may take a bit longer so just have some patience.

Now it’s time to temper it with some iron! Take your dusty ironer from the shelf and run it through your hair as much as 7 times until you see no actual vapor. Make sure to use the ceramic ironer, otherwise you will not achieve the needed temperature.

You are done! Just make sure not to wash your hair for full 3 days. Then you’ll need to stock with some professional hair products to maintain its smoothness.

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