Enjoy The Benefits Of Having Green Smoothies In Your Diet

You probably know by now that green smoothies are more nutritious and beneficial than other forms of smoothies. Green smoothies, in which may include spinach, kale, lettuce, watercress, parsley, collard greens, and dandelion greens among others, is rich of vitamins and minerals which is vital and useful in one’s health. If you want to include this nutritional drink to your diet and lifestyle, you have to start by getting yourself a blender for green smoothies.

The most common blends of green smoothies

If you are just starting out on green smoothies, below is a short list of vegetables that you can mix together to come up with a delightful and healthy drink:

·         Apple with spinach smoothie

·         Pineapple, cucumber and kale combination

·         Romaine and power seeds such as chia seeds

·         Spinach, apple, and avocado mix

·         Kale with apple smoothie

·         Spinach, kiwi, and green tea concoction

The benefits of consuming green smoothie on a regular basis

·         Nutrition: Vegetables and fruits are the most nutritious foods in the planet, and your body get the right amount of nutrition it needs when you make green smoothie a part of your lifestyle and diet.

·         Fiber:  What is great about green smoothie is that the fibers are still intact, not like juices where you only get the fluids of the fruits and vegetable. Fiber is great for your body most especially in digestion and metabolism.

·         Easy eating: Not all people like eating vegetable and fruits. If you find it hard to eat vegetables and fruits, green smoothie is a great option. Instead of eating your required daily serving, you drink it, which is rather easy and convenient. By doing so, you are not missing out on the nutritional benefits vegetables and fruits give.

·         Fit body: green smoothies are not only nutritious; it is low in calorie, too. Its fibers are very filling which makes you eat less and curbs your cravings and appetite.