Common Mistakes Committed By Cleaning Companies On Instagram

While everyone is busy trying to get a piece of the big cake that is social media marketing, a good number of people are committing the same mistakes over and over again. Hacking various social platforms seems easy to those who have not tried it yet but it is not a walk in the park. How hard can it get it to those who are in the service industry? A good number of cleaning companies are already using Instagram to increase their brands’ awareness and promote their services. But are they doing enough? The following are some of the mistakes that hinder cleaning business from attracting a high number of followers

    1. Not investing in quality content

In this digital age, you can take clear photos with your phone and upload for all to see. Cleaning services require some illustrations and this is where you invest in a good camera to record those videos. Just ensure that your short clips and photos show the fine details to help potential customers make informed decisions. At times, you may hire a professional to record videos or even take photos that you can use to market your services. Seek the services of a graphic designer for all your flyers and posters needs that list your services.

    1. Not utilizing hashtags

Instagram like other major social platforms displays the latest posts on a timeline. The probability of someone landing on your posts that went live 5 hours ago is very minimal unless such a person clicks on your profile. Hashtags can make your posts discoverable for a long time as long as a person searches for such hashtag. You can use hashtags like #officecleaning #residentialcleaning which increases the chances of people landing on your posts. Remember to include region-specific hashtags as they link you up with potentials in your neighborhood.

    1. Failure to boost your number of followers

If you have a choice between following an account with 5 million followers and another with 5 followers, which one would you choose? Most people will go for the one with 5 million followers because we all want to be associated with the successful. It thus gets hard for new brands and businesses that are just entering the market to get a huge following. You can boost your following through growth companies and increase your credibility. reviews AudienceGain which is a growth tool that provides Instagram followers. Make sure that you analyze growth tools well before you embark on this journey.