Check out these Free Search Engine Optimization Tracking Tools

After you get your website designed, the next thing you need to focus on is content creation. While creating content, you must always keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to reach your targeted audience. The following tools are going to offer insight into what’s going on with your search engine optimization!

Rank Checker

The rank tracker comes from and has been in existence for a long period of time. It’s a simplistic tool, yet it works. It’ll observe your rankings and track them over time. Utilize the tool to measure where you’ll rank for certain keywords within the search engines.

Google Page Insights

The search engine Google is well-known for free tools which are fantastic. And face it, all of us have a desire to rank better in Google! The tool is utilized to measure optimization scores and page loading. As you enter your domain, you’ll get back a Desktop and a Mobile score with recommended fixes. One other free tool, which offers greater detail all for free, is GTMetrix.

Google Trends

This is one other Google tool that is free. The tool might not seem like a huge deal for search engine optimization, because it merely shows trends for terms. But, utilizing Google data always is an excellent idea. The site is going to show you how a key word is trending. For instance, web design has considerably trended downward since 2005; therefore, a web design business would want to see which keywords are replacing it upon an upward trend. It’ll give insight into which keywords you ought to concentrate on for optimization.

Open Site Explorer

It’s a freemium tool from, meaning there are complimentary aspects to the tool, yet some will require payment. The free part gives you a ton of insight into links and additional in-bound link opportunities.

Google Analytics

You ought to dig into your own website analytics and check which keywords are drawing traffic to your site. Search for the actual search words and how users are utilizing your website. Without going into a lot of detail about funnels and goals, you ought to utilize Google Analytics to keep track of conversions on your site. Then this ought to offer insight into what keywords are actually driving business. Also, it should assist you in uncovering other opportunities for keywords, even if that’s just with a couple of blogs!

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