5-Point Checklist on Social Media Popularity

Launching your brand on social media can be challenging. You need connections and the type of connections you need usually depends on a particular social media platform.

For example, if you want connections who prefer visual content, go on Instagram. If you want to establish professional connections, LinkedIn is the platform for you.

To succeed, you need to bring your A game as you socialize. In more apt terms, you need to be “social media famous”.

Here’s a checklist to help you out.

1: Go for Quality

There’s no way around this. Quality content earns you a stellar reputation. Because people like your content, they will take you, along with every word you say, seriously.

So make sure you post quality stuff from Day 1. You can do this by proofreading every content you create, and then revise it if you must.

2: Make New Friends

It’s a basic fact that the more friends you have, the more popular you are. While this true, you should focus not only on making friends. You should eye the quality of friendships, too.

As mentioned in the introduction, you need connections. Don’t just settle with friends and family as your only connections.

Instead, be open-minded by branching out. Connect to the people with a genuine interest in your brand. Even if they are big names on certain niches and you’re a newbie, reach out to them with confidence.

And for whoever tries to reach out to you, have a welcoming spirit. This would increase leads and even sales.

3: Be Reliable

Do this so people will depend on you, say positive remarks about you, and respect you.

Appearing on your followers/friends’ feed regularly sends out the message that you’re an active user. This is a start.

4: Create Engagement

Don’t ignore comments, likes, friend requests, direct messages, etc. unless these are spam. Because receiving these means people are interested in your brand, you may want to be interested in them, too.

This shouldn’t be one-sided, though. As much as you can, initiate the engagement, too. Allot time to browse your feed on social media and then post comments, like posts, send friend requests and direct messages, and more. Basically, take interest in your community.

5: Use Automation Tools

Lastly, there’s this. Such tools boost your popularity by helping you keep up with the 4 points (above) in this checklist. And all the while, they can help greatly increase your productivity.

Be careful, though. Some automation tools, however, aren’t good stuff. Rather than help you grow organically, they would hand you temporary results.

For example, an Instagram growth service such as Instalabs is not recommended. For a review of Instalabs, check out this link: https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/instalabs-review/


As you keep in mind the above-mentioned checklist, don’t set aside the importance of relevance. Relevance is more about quality social media presence. And it suggests that you care about your statements and the target audience for these statements.