3 Characteristics That Make a Good Employer

3 Characteristics That Make a Good Employer

In most cases, employees leave their place of work not because they dislike their jobs. An employer can assign a load of tasks to them, which would require them to work on weekends but they’d still be more than happy to come in.

What pushes them to hand over a resignation letter is the fact that they have a terrible boss. If they don’t like the person they work for, they won’t hesitate to call it quits.

If you’re the boss and you want to do something to make your employees stay, you need to figure out some things. And you can start by figuring out the characteristics that make a good employer.

1. Loyal

Loyalty should be a pillar in this department because it speaks of respect. And respect is a pivotal part of all sorts of relationships – not just in the professional aspect.

You need to respect your employees enough that you should always have their back. If someone is saying awful things about them, you should go out of your way to defend them.

If you’re not loyal to your people, do you think they’ll be loyal to you?

No, they won’t.

So set a great example and be loyal. And give them a reason to be proud of the fact that they’re your employees.

And if you have yet to, make it a point to give them their ID badges.

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With their own ID badges, they have another reason to be proud!

2. Kind & compassionate

If you notice one of your employees is quite down, the best way to proceed is to talk to them. Ask them what’s up and what you can do to help.

Maybe their dog died. Or they’re having relationship troubles.

Either way, acknowledge what you see. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring their downtime. You might think that giving them an overload of work is the solution.

You’re thinking they would just get over their “dramatic episode” soon. Maybe they would.

But it won’t change the fact that you weren’t there for them.

To address the value of reciprocity, they will most likely be there for you if you had been there for them.

3. Honest

You need to tell them things as they are – no overselling. It’s much better than making them believe in false situations.

In case your news is harsh in nature, you need to figure out a way to deliver it to them gently.

Your job is to get them on your side no matter what. Antagonizing them in any way will only worsen the situation.

In the long run, your honesty matters. And your employees will respect you more for it.


If you don’t think you’re a good employer, you can start being one now. Look at how you treat your employees and correct your ways as you should. Doing so will transform the workplace into a happy zone and it will also significantly boost retention rates!